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Do You Need a “Pitch Deck?”

The business plan used to be the standard for companies. But with the rapidly changing business and industry climate a new strategy has taken its place — the pitch deck.

If you haven’t heard of a pitch deck, it is essentially a concise presentation which focuses on the current market challenges and your business’ unique way of answering those challenges/opportunities.

Here’s a quick overview of what a pitch deck consists of according to “Get Backed” by Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis:

  • Cover (attractive slide to introduce the topic)
  • Overview (your 15-second elevator version of your vision)
  • Opportunity (describes the current industry climate and where your business fits in)
  • Problem (What are you trying to solve with your enterprise?)
  • Solution (How you plan to solve the problem)
  • Traction (The evidence that shows you will be successful)
  • Customer/Market (Your target audience demographics and how many)
  • Competition (Who they are and how you will handle them)
  • Business Model (How you will make money)
  • Team (Who’s in your corner and their expertise)
  • Use of Funds (What do you want and why?)

If you have not read “Get Backed,” I highly recommend it. From a design standpoint, it’s a delight because of the clean layout, graphics and white space. From a business standpoint, it is full of wonderful information that is relevant to the business climate and it gives examples of how to do it.

Once you decide to put together a pitch deck, a professional designer can make your presentation compelling. If you want more information, please contact me.