Just a sampling of our logo work in case studies.

CHALLENGE: Create a logo for a new art matchmaking service in Tacoma, WA.

SOLUTION: A bowler hat was used as it conjures up ideas of traditional banking. The color ochre is a common paint color with its rich golden hues. Copperplate font is a serious font made more whimsical through the use of interesting capitals and placement.

CHALLENGE: Create a logo for the American chapter of a Greenlandic association.

SOLUTION: Fortunately the Greenlandic logo contained red, white and blue making it easy to link the two associations to each other through the use of color. The Greenland kayaker in the QAJAQ USA logo is simplification of the silhouette of the Gannaat Kattuffiat logo kayaker. Elements of the American flag were incorporated to give the logo its American theme. This internationally known logo with its round design works well on hats, patches and other applications.



CHALLENGE: Create a logo for a B2B analysis and consulting company utilizing the Steller’s Jay as its tie to the Pacific Northwest.
SOLUTION: Blue and black were used to create the logo which combined the shape of the bird’s head with a magnifying glass. The result is clean, professional and classic.



CHALLENGE: to accurately represent a tiny boutique featuring fine art and specialty items.
SOLUTION: a beautiful logo with an intriguing tagline which was used for the large, ornate, gold framed sign and business cards. Pink was the predominant color reflecting the interior of the shop and its owner.



CHALLENGE: Design a timeless logo for a small classical Christian school which can be used for stationary, clothing and other applications.

SOLUTION: This logo incorporations all the aspects of the words in the school’s name. “Spring” is represented by the water springing up. “Field” is shown in the grass at the bottom. “Classical” is seen in the Roman columns. “Christian” is implied by the negative space in the green circle which forms the basic shape of a cross. And, lastly, “School” is seen in the book on the column.

CHALLENGE: Design a flexible logo for a young designer of jewelry, body products and candles.
SOLUTION: A sweet raspberry and chocolate logo featuring the initials of the business owner in a circular format works well with the client’s packaging and conjures up the feeling of decadence like a raspberry chocolate truffle.


CHALLENGE: Create a logo which fits the name and philosophy of the massage therapist/owner.
SOLUTION: Using the business name to guide the design, I utilized the colors of nature to create a logo with soft, soothing lines and incorporated the tag line “Treat Yourself!” to emphasize the business name and the call to action.